Greywater treatment and recycling to produce clear clean water that can be re-used, find out about the innovative new AQUALOOP

Avoid the inconvenience of municipal water supply interruptions with a backup water storage system.

Rain harvesting is the latest advancement in environmental protection since the world's fresh water supply is running low and is predicted to become inadequate in the very near future.  Our rain harvesting systems include specifically designed

Weathermatic irrigation systems is the preferred sprinkler system at Show Gardens. We install irrigation systems for the domestic and commercial markets and are able to work anywhere in Gauteng. Irrigation with sprinklers is both more effective and

                      This water treatment facility was installed at Casalinga Restaurant outside Johannesburg where they bottle their own water to sell in the restaurant. The water

The rain harvesting tank vacuum system removes fine sediment from the bottom of the water storage tank to eliminate the build up of bacteria and metals. This system allows for minimal maintenance/cleaning of the tank and prolongs the life of the rai

We are agents for Mightyzone ozone generators in the Gauteng area. The Mightyzone range of ozone generators are the most reliable ozone generators available in South Africa these days. These units are proudly South African and have been designed with

                        The Puricare Agricultural Ozone Generator is an amazingly practical and effective water treatment system used extensively around South Africa to condition

Collect, Store, Filter and Re-Use Rainwater Rainwater harvesting means collecting the rainwater that falls on your roof surface, storing it on site, filtering it and then re-using it in place of mains water. Rain water is one of the cleanest,